Monday, April 27, 2009


So, My roommates and I made a movie about two years ago, about LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). It's a real thing, and we decided to make a Christopher Guestian Mockumentary about it. And we've had plenty of calls for more LARP, so for my final project, I decided to write the sequel. I wanted it to be a lot like the Back to the Future sequels, where certain lines and situations are repeated, but with a slight twist. As with before, the theme is about these people losing the distinction between the real world and the fantasy one. I think the final production will end up being a little longer than the twenty pages allotted in class, but it'll do for now. Here, then, are the first two pages of the new script. I have written the whole thing, but I don't want spoilers leaking....

Int. stairs - Day

BENNY ANDERSON is sitting on the stairs, looking at the camera. He’s in his 20s or 30s, and wearing a plaid bathrobe over a T-shirt. On his head he has a mop like a wig, and a beanie over that. He’s holding a lantern and a wooden wand.
During shots where characters speak directly to the camera, we should be zoomed in to different lengths between each sentence, and then strung together during editing.
Okay. So, we set out to make a movie to show people how awesome LARPING is—again, that’s Live Action Role Playing. Trying to make ourselves more relatable. But, unfortunately, our camera man, Robert, did a really piss poor job of editing, and we all ended up looking like morons.

So now we’re making a second film. I think you’ll see by the end of this film that we’re not just nerds running around in the woods. We’re normal people, just like you and me, who love to, well, yes, we love to run around in the woods. But we do it with swords! And spells, and it’s awesome! But not awesome in an unapproachable way. More in a way like, these guys are awesome just like ME, Or how I WANT me to be. Maybe I should join them. So come with me, and behold for yourself—

RUTHERFORD MIGNON calls out from off screen left, and Benny turns at the sound of his voice.
Rutherford (OS)
Benny! Are you busy?
I’m kinda making our movie.
Rutherford (OS)
Oh. Well when you’re done, can you take me to Long’s to buy some diapers? I got blood all over this one in our last battle. Oh, like you’re filming right NOW?

(aware of the camera)
Diapers, yes. For the baby that we’re… babysitting. Yeah, man, I can….
(to Robert)
Ok, just don’t put this part in the movie, please?
Robert (OC)
Okay. So let’s do this again. Go back to where—
Robert (OC)
Go back to where you’re talking about how awesome you are.
Yeah, perfect. Just tell me when to go.
Title: Lords a-Larping II: The Battle of Discord

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